Banjo-Tooie review
Like I Said Before, Banjo Rocks!

The good:

There are a lot of new powers, and the graphics and music is better. It is challenging, 'cause there's a lot of worlds and stuff. There's more bosses in this one. Yay! More enemies to beat with my amazing skill! Bwahahaha!

The bad:

If there was something bad, why would I give it a five?


I love this game! It's one of the best! The graphics are pretty good, and the characters still talk just as cute as before. Mumbo looks so much cuter, and the things you can turn into can actually attack. Joy! There are more Jinjos to get, and they're cuter, too. Grunty's just as cool in this. Now, you can play as Banjo or Kazooie all by themselves in certain places. Kazooie's so cute when she's not stuffed in a backpack. Jamjars is cool, too. He's better than Bottles. Stupid Bottles with his nerdier glasses. This game was so worth getting! Really! If you don't have it, get it now! I mean, if you can find it. Not many places sell it anymore. *sniff* So sad.

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