Banjo-Tooie Jinjo Locations Guide
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Banjo-Tooie Jinjo Locations Guide

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Jinjo Locations


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Information on Guide

At the beginning of every new level I'll tell you any extra moves needed to get
Jigges and Jinjo's.  And any other information you might be able to use. 

Mayahem Temple

The only other move you will need is Bill Drill.  This is a very easy level to
beat.  You'll learn the main old moves and meet lots of important people.

Jinjo 1: Near Mumbo there is a temple on the right side there is a bridge in the
middle there is a jinjo.

Jinjo 2: Use the Golden Goliath to break the rock at the beginning of the level
to open up the fly pad the fly to the top of the Kickball Stadium to get the

Jinjo 3: In the water in the beginning of the level you'll find a jinjo it's a
good idea to find where it is before diving right in.

Jinjo 4:  Once you've learned the "Breegull Blaster" ability, enter Targitzan's
     Temple and find the area with the two sacred chamber entrances.  On the
sidewall, you'll see the Jinjo up in a hole in the wall.  Go around, through the
closed doors to get it.

Jinjo 5: After you've opened Jade Snake Grove, go inside and flip-flap above
Jamjars' hatch to grip grab the edge of the alcove.  Climb up to get the Jinjo
waiting within.

Glitter Gulch Mine

You'll need Springy Step shoes and Talon Torpedo to beat certain parts but
mostly all the needed moves are right there.

Jinjo 1: 1:  From Mumbo's hut, go straight and follow the mine cart track into
the tunnel where the Jinjo is waiting.

Jinjo 2:  Go over near the Train Station and look to your left to see a hill.
Talon Trot to the top and Bill Drill the boulder on top to release the Jinjo
contained within.

Jinjo 3:  First go over to Humba Wumba and transform into a detonator, then head
back to the 2nd mine entrance (to the left of Mumbo's hut) and detonate the TNT
barrel on the first cell, enter it and go through into the 2nd cell where you'll
find this Jinjo.

Jinjo 4:  Enter the Toxic Gas Cave near the gold pile and look behind one of the
large boulders here to find the jinjo.

Jinjo 5: In the Sunken Ship in Jolly Roger's Lagoon there will be a Talon
Torpedo area, Break it then swim by freezing the underwater fans at the end
you'll be back in the level and see a Jinjo.


All you'll need is Taxi Pack for Mrs. Boggy's fat kid.

Jinjo 1: On top of the big top on one of the posts.

Jinjo 2: To the left of Star Spinner is a structure named the Dodgem Dome. You
will have to use the Talon Trot to the top, climb the pole and talon trot up to
the tip-top to find the jinjo.

Jinjo 3:  Climb up the pole which leads to the lift, and when you get to the
top, jump and press A while in mid-air to reach the jinjo on top of the platform
near the doors to the Crazy Castle (or you can flip-flap to the door and slide
along the ledge to get to the jinjo; your choice.)

Jinjo 4: In the cave of horrors you'll find A Dinosaur and a jinjo in a cage
blow it up with a Grenade Egg.

Jinjo 5:  As the Van go to area 51 on the run way you'll see a jinjo honk at the
door and it will open.

Jolly Roger's Lagoon

This level You'll need Glide to get one Jiggy or the Leg Spring for Kazooie. 
This level is underwater mostly and you will visit some other levels here too. 
Be sure to visit Mumbo before your going to hold your breath...

Jinjo 1:  It is in plain view in an alcove at the surface deep pool area. To get
it, play as Kazooie. After the walrus in the waveracer hire gives Banjo the
crate with the running shoes, have Kazooie get them (she'll need the wing whack
skill to break the box). With the shoes, Kazooie can run on water! When she's
near the alcove, press and hold jump to reach the jinjo.

Jinjo 2: It's inside the waveracer hire along the ceiling edge. Look for a Shock
Spring pad behind the counter to reach it.

Jinjo 3: In the Sunken Ship there is a box with a Jinjo face on it Break it open
with a Grenade Egg.

Jinjo 4: It's inside the seaweed sanctum atop a column on the highest level. Use
the Highest jump Banjo can use to get to this Jinjo.

Jinjo 5: It's inside the Big Fish down the right tunnel.


Your going to have to climb and not having to fall or death will follow.  You'll
have to run a lot before getting run over.  No other move is necessary to
complete this level.

Jinjo 1: In the beginning of the level you will see a rock sticking out of the
ground look for a switch and hit it with a Grenade egg to press it the send a
Clockwork Kazzooie Egg to the Jinjo if you do it right you'll get the jinjo or
just fly up there to get it.

Jinjo 2: By the water fall there is a Kazooie Talon Torpedo switch open it then
go get the Jinjo under a area where Terry's egg is.

Jinjo 3: This Jinjo is encased  in a cage by Humba Wumba turn into the Daddy
T-rex and hit a switch then when the timer starts turn back into Banjo and get
the Jinjo.

Jinjo 4: It's caged in a cave in the stomping plains. Use the split-up pads at
the area's start to choose Kazooie. Run quickly between dinosaur stomps, taking
cover in the giant clawprints. Make it to the large aqua alcove and press the
Kazooie-faced floor switch in front of the left gate.

Jinjo 5: It's in a jail cell outside the stryracosaurus family cave area. Look
for a small opening on the lower level to the right of the jail cells. Use a
Clockwork Kazooie egg to enter the small opening and retrieve the jinjo.

Grunty Industries

You'll need Sack pack to get a Jiggy.  This level uses many other thing to get A
Jiggy.  You'll be here a while before you figure things out.

Jinjo 1: From the second floor (toxic waste), use the split-up pads. As Banjo,
head down the stairs that lead to the first floor (fire escape). Look for a
wooden box on the back side of the main building. Break it to reveal a gray
floor switch. Press it to open a window at the uppermost level of the building.
Press A to switch to Kazooie. Bring Kazooie out to the same area. Look for
another wooden box that contains the claw clamber shoes. Run up the track marks
on the side of the building to reach an open alcove with the Jinjo inside.

Jinjo 2: On the roof there is a Smokestack fly up to one of them and one will
have some metal on the outside.  After you break it fly inside and there will be
a Jinjo.

Jinjo 3: Head to the rooftop and land atop the building with windows on the
roof. Look for an oddly colored window on the side with the operating
smokestack. Break the window and jump in to find the portion of fifth floor
(storage area) with the rabbit. Standing on the box is a Jinjo.

Jinjo 4: It's in the second floor (toxic waste) room in an alcove near the split
up pads. Play as Kazooie and use the leg spring skill to reach this jinjo.

Jinjo 5: Underwater below the smuggler's cavern entrance, look for a tan pipe
blocked by a gate with Kazooie's face on it. Use the talon torpedo to blow the
gate open and enter the pipe. This leads to another section of the Grunty
Industries waste disposal plant basement) area. Collect the Jinjo underwater in
this section.

HalfFire Peaks

Half of the things is in one side the other in the other side all you'll need is
a Ice Cube on the next level.

Jinjo 1: Go inside the Colosseum kickball stadium And find a switch to raise
stones to a water fall exit the other way (not the way you came in) to that
side.  Then turn invincible and jump to get it.

Jinjo 2: Shack pack skill, play as Banjo solo
From the warp pad, head left past two lava hands to a small hot water pool. At
the bottom of that pool is an alcove with a jinjo. Use the shack pack skill to
enter the hot water. You can get A fish for Boggy while your there.

Jinjo 3: As the snowball, roll to a tiny crevice with wind blowing out of it.
The jinjo is inside. Normally, the wind would blow away any comers, but the big
snowball can barely make it. Keep jumping and rolling toward the jinjo. If a
boulder from above hits Banjo, his snowball form may roll forward and touch the
jinjo. Keep trying. It may take many attempts to reach the jinjo.

Jinjo 4: At the top of the icicle caverns. Spilt up and play as Kazooie and leg
Spring and Glide to the other side then Leg spring and Glide to the jinjo.

Jinjo 5: Go to Boggy's house and  there is a Ice Cude talk to her then blow her
up to get the Jinjo.  Don't worry she won't give you a jiggy you will kill her
husband anyway.

Cloud Cuckooland

No new moves but one for banjo.

Jinjo 1: It's in the Red Mumbo's skull in plain view.

Jinjo 2: It's inside Wumba's wigwam atop the poles. Climb the poles and jump to
get him.

Jinjo 3: It's in the central cavern in an alcove above and to the left of Sgt.
Jamjars' area. To get the jinjo, use Kazooie and head to the green jump pad
below the jinjo's alcove. Jump to get into the alcove.

Jinjo 4: It's in the trash can. Look atop the chocolate box for the jinjo in
plain view. The easiest way to get this jinjo is to shoot a Clockwork Kazooie
egg onto the top of the box to grab it.

Jinjo 5: It's inside the big cheese building. To get him, play as Banjo and use
the sack pack skill to get to the top.

Isle O' Hags

Look for an underwater boulder with Kazooie's face on it. Press Z while
underwater to launch Kazooie. Stand in front of the door and press A repeatedly
to break it open. Behind the boulder is the jinjo.

Wooden Hollow

At the end of the Digger Tracks there's a Jinjo.


Under a boulder.

Pine Grove

No Jinjo's here.

Cliff Top

Look for a pair of claw clamber shoes behind the building that houses the
Hailfire Peaks entrance. Run across the metal bridge and past the warp silo to
find bird tracks. These tracks lead to an alcove with the jinjo.


It's atop the brown stairsteps near Sgt. Jamjars (the second jinjo there is a


No Jinjo's here.



This activates the FEATHER cheat without having to find pages.


This activates the EGGS cheat without having to find pages.


This activates the FALLPROOF cheat without having to find pages.


This activates the HOMING cheat without having to find pages.


This activates the HONEYBACK cheat without having to find pages.


This activates the JUKEBOX cheat without having to find pages.


This activates the GETJIGGY cheat without having to find pages.


This unlocks all the level entrances.


Get an infinite life meter and air.


Get infinite eggs and feathers.


Lets Banjo moves faster.


Makes enemies move faster.


This unlocks all the menu options in replay mode at the game select screen.

Note that the codes won't work if you've already unlocked the cheat or option
through the normal course of playing the game. The quickest way to enter the
code chamber after starting a new game is to use Mumbo's magic to turn into
Goliath, then head to the pyramid in the jade snake grove that houses the
chamber and kick in the door.

Well there you have it all done now I am working a FAG but this is a start. 
Hope this helps in anyway.