Banjo-Tooie Tips

Grunties industries boss location - Weldar
First you must find a panel in which you use bill drill to unscrew it. Then it will drop a mumbo pad so get mumbo and use the pad, but hurry once you activate the pad you have a limited time. Go back to mumbo's hut by using the transportation pad by humba wamba's hut. Once there switch back to banjo and using mumbo's transportation pad get back to humba wumba's pad and hurry. Now quickly switch from banjo to the washing machine that humba wumba turns you into. Now run threw the hole in the wall and get to the button.( before you can even think about getting into the room with the button you must first capture the battery to open the door.)Quickly push the button, now it will activate the wire which will open tha door to weldar.( don't worry it will show you where the door is).

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!