Banjo-Tooie Tips

hidden jiggy
Ok, in half fire peaks icy side, there is a big ice wall between u and the jiggy..... if you ask chuffy to take you to the ice side, he will say u can't but on a ledge ubove chuffy in the fire side is that camel from banjo kazooie when he wants water, he has saved it. Walk up to him and do the drill on his back. All the water will come out of his mouth and in to chuffys boiler. Go and talk to chuffey, he will say he can now take you to the icy side. You can finnely get that jiggy be hind that wall.\

I told you two cheats. Hope they help they did for me now i have all the jiggys and jinjos <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />