Banjo-Tooie Cheats

Make Kazooie a DRAGON!
For this you need the ledge climb move and the move that uses Kazooie as a torpedo underwater. Then go to Jinjo Vill.

Go back behind you to where there is sand. Off to the left will be a rock. Get on it and there is a ledge. Hang from it and move to the right. (There are enemies on the way, so use Kazooie with B to kill them).
At the end there is a cave. Go in and kill the little game cartridge and you will get the ice key.
Now go to Glitter Gulch mine in the underground lake. Dive and you will see a rock with Kazooie's face use Kazooie as the torpedo and break it. Go in and there will be a safe which can open when you have the ice key. A GIANT glowbo is in it. Go to outside of Witchy World and into Wumbas tent. The Glowbo will permanently change Kazzoie into a Dgragon, now you can breathe fire! (Stand still and press B)