Banjo-Tooie Tips

Glitches in the game
Below are 2 glitches I had found out:
-In Spiral Mountain, fly to the waterfall next to the flying pad. Hop into the water and swim slowly at a slow pace against the water. Eventually, you will have to fall, but instead of falling, Banjo will keep on swimming as he goes down the waterfall!! Then hold up, and he will start going up the waterfall, as if he is still swimming in regular water! It's really strange.

-In Witchworld, go to the place where there is a secret entrance to the Oogle Boogle's cave(go here using the shoes that climbs walls). Enter that place, and now you're in Tertactleland in the Ooga Booga's cave. Right? Now find the sign that says "To Witchyworld", grip-grab onto that sign. Now climb onto it pressing A and walk fowards, you fall in mid-air in blackness, and appear where you entered.

I know my glitches are hard to follow, but that was the best I could of explained them.