Banjo-Tooie Cheats

making the game easier
in that weird cheat temple place where you enter the cheats first enter "CHEATO" then "NESTKING" for infinite feathers and eggs then enter "CHEATO" again and then enter "HONEYKING" to be invinceable (i can't really spell it) which also means you don't see your life gauge and you can't die unless you fall off a cliff and like well you won't die if you hit the ground but if you keep falling like you go to cluod cuckoo land and just jump off and not back into the bubble you'll die. and to get the temple when you first start without getting gernade eggs use the golden guy to kick open one of the big doors with mumbos head on it (the one that opens all the way so that the golden guy can go through) then walk across the quicksand go on the little platform get the jiggy (mind as well...) then go the other way that's not the way you came from and kick open the cheat temple door.