Banjo-Tooie Cheats

Some Wierd Things
While playing, I noticed a few Messed up things.

-While expermenting in the grunty Lair I got really close where mumbos mouitain used to be, And i heard the music for it, I was Glitched into the wall useing gernade eggs agasint rocks.

-All the pictures in the pirates little office (jolly Rogers Lagoon) Have realations to the first game, Treasure cove, Shark food isle, The pink egg!! Get it open like i did by beating the Game Banjo- Kazooie (OR cheat) To receive the beta verison of the pink egg in the first game!
-After you revive bottles, If you get close enough to the house, His wife Still complains about him missing!
-Posters in one of the moles kid rooms has a Perfect Dark poster, And a air game Poster.
-Weirdly, While getting tiptops egg open, He paced, And after a a while, Stopped, Wouldn't talk or anything!!
-How the pirate talks about you stealing his treasure to help blubber in the first game
-If you got the ice cube to never land in the ice land, Don't worry, Rare has told me it is impossible to land him in the ice realm, And that there nothing to the game.
-Grunty's picture in the lair has more strips on her scarf than it did in the first game.
-After you stay and sit around after a while in the zombie jinjo kings throne, He talks about his youth, Like Fishing, And comments about others finding out.
-Rare Producers have sick minds, In the menu at jolly rogers lagoon bar, Seaman's surprise?! Toad In The Hole? SALTY DUMPLINGS?! is this game for adults or kids People?