Banjo-Kazooie Cheats

unlimited and maximun items
go to the sand castle in treasure trove cove collect the jiggy in the sand castle using the beak buster move to spell CHEAT you must do this before all the cheats.

"banjobegsforplentyofeggs" unlimited eggs
spaced its "banjo begs for plenty of eggs"

"lotsofgoeswithmanybanjos" unlimited life
spaced its "lots of goes with many banjos"

"dontbeadumbogoseemumbo" 99 mumbo tokens
spaced its "dont be a dumbo go see mumbo"

"nowyoucanflyhighinthesky" unlimited red feathers
spaced its "now you can fly high in the sky"

"givethebearlotsofair" unlimited air for swimming
spaced its "give the bear lots of air"

"anenergybartogetyoufar" max energy
spaced its "an energy bar to get you far"

"agoldenglowtoprotectbanjo"unlimited gold feathers
spaced its "a golden glow to protect banjo"

note: you will hear a moo at the end of the cheat if you spell it right if you dont hear a moo at the end it will not work and every letter in cheat you'll hear a moo.