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All Eggs and Key
Unlock Desert gate in Gobi's Valley: enter on the sandcastle floor, CHEATADESERTDOOROPENSWIDEANCIENTSECRETSWAITINSIDE (I know these are long, but I tried 'em and they work, I don't know what they're for, but after you collect them, look for Stop 'n' Swap at the end of view totals) Next, for that infernal sharkfood island: CHEATOUTOFTHESEAITRISESTOREVEALMORESECRETPRIZES (These work! Oh, and there are more than 3 secrets) Next, that ICE KEY everyone wants: CHEATNOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYWHICHYOUCANHAVEFORFREE
(Just go through the window) And now the others... CHEATADMIDSTTHEHAUNTEDGLOOMASECRETINTHEBATHROOM-Green egg. CHEATDONTYOUGOANDTELLHERABOUTTHESECRETINHERCELLAR-Blue Egg. CHEATTHISECRETYOULLBEGRABBINTHECAPTAINSCABIN-Red Egg. And The LAST SECRET: CHEATNOWBANJOWILLBEABLETOSEEITONNABNUTSTABLE-Yellow Egg. That's it! If it dosn't work, then I spelt it wrong, But I think that's how ya spell 'em (bad gramar) Also, want that stupid Click Clock Wood open? Be careful! enter more than 2 level opening codes, and Grunty erases your whole gamepak! Not just a game, the whole pak! anyway:CHEATTHISONESGOODASYOUCANENTERTHEWOOD. I'll only tell you these 3: Click Clock Wood, above, Mad Monster Mansion: CHEATTHEJIGGYSNOWMADEWHOLEINTOTHEMANSIONYOUCANSTROLL, and Gobi's Valley: CHEATGOBISJIGGYISNOWDONETREKONINANDGETSOMESUN. Well, My work here is done! See ya! Oh, and ggod luck figuring out how to use the Stop 'n' Swap, you're gonna need it! Banjo Tooie has nothing to do with Stop 'n' Swap, belive me, I have it! There is no Game Transfer Dealy peoples talk about, it's just a fun sequel to Banjo-Kazooie.