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Ballistics Review.

The good:

The good:
-Insane sense of speed, unmatched by any game out there.
-Great graphics for 2001. Still pretty good for these days (2004).
-Very addictive.
-Great sound effects (although few, and far between).
-Fun multiplayer.

The bad:

-The AI cheats (they go through obstacles such as walls and crosses)
-The AI is also inconsistant in racing.
-There is no straight pure boost no obstacle track to reach mach 10 on.


Although the bad seems to deter most people, it really isn't all that bad. The AI is common to all racing games anyways, they all turn at dumb rates and seemingly miss obstacles.

The lack of a purely speed track is slightly dissapointing, and after searching for long hours on the internet, I never found any form of addons weather it be community or by xicat. Although one of the reasons I keep going back to this game is because I want to reach the top speeds.

The game has no limit to speed at all, the only things holding you back are physics and your knowlege of a track.

When you start the game...


Disgrace to the Racing World......

The good:

OK Graphics.

The bad:

Confusing AI.
Confusing hover-bike thing.
1 annoying camera mode.
Race course boo-boos.
No Time Trial!!!!
2 tracks in the beginning?
1 racer in the beginning?
Too many glitches.
NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not like this game at all. I was a sucker to buy it. Don't even come near it. While the graphics are so-so and the game is fast-paced, everything else is bad. First and foremost, there is no time trial, which is a BIG racing no-no. You can't practice a track without the CPU in with you. Bummer. Your vehicle in this "game" is a hover-bike crossbreed, which has qustionable handling. Usually, you'll be going at your top speed(The game box says that the experince has no top speeds.)and the bike will sometimes slow down, although you are clearly holding the gas button. Roll a bit on the tra...

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