Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Cheats

Dragontooth Sword, Dragonbone Staff
To unlock these extremly expensive and powerful Dragontooth sword+4 (Fighter Only) and Dragonbone Staff+6 (Mage Only)In TOB You must have acess to BGII SOA and got The Chaos Blade from Haer' Dalis and portrait creation. Then Minsc may never have been in your party and he must be dead. In SOA Go to waukeen's promenade and start casting magic outside a building and the cowled wizards will come and if you keep on killing them about 20-50 times depending on your gold so if it is high your number is 20-30 and so on so forth. Then venture to Trademeet, every single citizen is being posessed and you must defeat The Illithid Mage and his favorite spell is imprisonment and he is immune to all forms of spells and magical weapons. Once you defeat him you take his stuff and among his treasure you will find Dragonbone Staff. But he is super hard and make sure your main guy doesn't fight whatsoever. Umar hills is out next stop.When you arrive there will be an ogre named hack and he is very mad because you killed his fellow wizards. Slay him very hard and he will drop 235 gold, crimson dart+1 (unlimited darts) and Dragontooth+4