Bad Boys: Miami Takedown review
Decent movie game

The good:

Ten guns<br>You play as both of the Bad Boys<br>A fun game<br>Mildly entertaining quips between the boys<br>Destructable scenery

The bad:

Not convincing voices<br>Odd gameplay mechanics<br>Awkward graphics and control<br>Not too long<br>Slightly repetitive<br>Jumpy crosshair


This is not bad. It's based on the film Bad Boys 2, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrance. You play in third-person but there is a weird thing about this game. You can wall hug stuff but you can do this all the time. If you have played Kill.Switch, you have cover around walls all the time to survive. But in this you need to watch out for big circles on the ground and hit square to do it. Then you pop around and shoot them but then you switch in a first-person mode. It sounds confusing and doing in the game is as well. There are plenty guns like the Spas 12 shotgun and the mac-10 uzi. They feel and sound well. One of the best bits when you get you mits on a shotgun and you just blow them away. Cool. But sadly the crosshair is jumpy. There is a lock-on but you need to put the crosshair on the enemy first to do it. Though out you play as Will Smith and Martin Lawrance. They enjoy swearing and shouting at each other. It took me a hour to figure out who is who thanks to the super fake sound a-likes. But it is fun you know, bombing though with a M16 shooting and stuff is fun. It can be repetitive but you meet bosses from time to time as well. Bad Boys 2 is short. Some bits can be hard but after you have completed it once you don't really want to play it again. If you like the film you might buy this or rent it if you think it looks good.

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