Bad Boys: Miami Takedown (PS2) Cheats

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Bossu Tip
Before you enter the room where the boss fight happens make sure you pick up the Uzi before you enter. Shotgun and pistol works but it's a lot harder.
Help for Mendoza
Make sure you have the Enforcer at the end to make the battle a bit easier.
Tip for The Gunship at the end of the second mission
Like Bossu before you enter the fight turn left and go behind the shed. Some useful items including a Uzi. It will take the gunship down quickly.


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All Weapons
Press: Up, Dowm, Up, Down, Up, Down and press Start.
The Master Cheat
At the press start button screen hit circle, up, square, triangle, right and down. If you go into the Police HQ and go to cheats, all the cheats are unlocked and you can use them for Quick game only.
Unlimited Ammo
For unlimited ammo, enter square, triangle, down, down, up, up, left, square, circle, down.