Backyard Basketball (PC) Cheats

Backyard Basketball cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Barry Dejay On your team!
If you would like a small, but well rounded player with all stats all the way, then when picking your team, click create a player. For his name, put Barry Dejay just like that. Then click forward twice without changing anything and Barry Dejay will appear.
M.R Clinky
In the club house you see M.R clink right in front of u you hold SHIFT!!! click on M.R clinky


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Get Barry Dejay
When you're in the player choice, pick the guy in red. Then for his name type in Barry Dejay. Then press done 2 times and his stats are as good as they can get.
Lemon Boy
For a player with 10 stats in each category, create a player and call him Lemon Boy. This will put Thor Herring on your team. You can not have Thor Herring and Barry DeJay both on your team.