Backyard Baseball 2003 Cheats

Backyard Baseball 2003 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Unlockable Stadiums
UnlockableHow to unlock
Big City StadiumWin Backyard World Series
Super Colossal DomeWin Backyard World Series


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Contact Quick-Up
When you're in your batting stance, swing or bunt once before the pitch. The pitcher will instantly pitch the ball to you
Make Pablo Sanchez speak English
At the main menu, go to the Cards screen (on the bottom right corner) and you will see the player's cards. Press the arrows until you see Pablo Sanchez. Hold shift and click on him and he will say this: "Don't tell the other kids, but i speak English. I learned Spanish from school."
Speed up previews and at bat previews
Repeatedly press the Esc key in the previews. It'll make the previews go by quicker than usual.
If you do that at the at bat previews, it'll make the batter get in his batting stance, or, if it's the 1st batter (on your team) will have his/her bat flying and vibrating in mid-air.


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aqua stadiam
win season world series to get the aqua stadiam.
Stats Max
Go to the create a player mode. Fill the batting column up. Fill the running column. Click on the first ball in the running category repeatedly, and fast. There should be the max number of balls in the inventory. Fill the running and fielding columns up. Then click on the first ball in the running category repeatedly, and fast. The inventory should be filled with balls. Then fill up the running and pitching columns. Your create a player should have the max number of balls in each category.