[edit] Background

Backgammon is the popular board game where you have to get all your pieces home, which is a little strip just off the board. You don't have to roll exact numbers to get home either, if you're 5 spaces away you can roll a 6 and get home. Along the way you can take any opponent pieces which will put them back at the other end of the board, but only if they're on their own. If you loved the board game you'll like this.

[edit] Gameplay

By rolling two dice you can either move two seperate pieces the distances on each die or move one piece the combined total on the dice. If you can land on an opponent's piece then you can take it but only if it's on its own. Once a piece has been captured you have to roll the dice to free it, where it appears depends on what number you roll but it always appears in the last segment of the board, furthest away from your home.

[edit] Features

  • Based on the popular board game
  • Tutorial, versus and tournament modes available
  • Different difficulty levels
  • For 1 or 2 players
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Release Dates
  • Japan: Sep 7, 1990