Back to the Future II & III

Back to the Future II & III Cheats

Back to the Future II & III cheats, and Codes for NES.


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On the title screen, press and hold the B button then press the Select button to enter a Password Insert screen, enter the following:


Regenerate Pizzas Ininitely.
If you go to:

YEAR: 2015
Street: 005
x: 13

You will run into a green pipe that is located left of the big house. Inside the pipe is one of the scrambled puzzle item named "PIMERUCT-CHOP" (Computer Chip if you unscramble the letters)

On top of the pipe is a pizza. If you take the pizza and enter the pipe and then come back out out, the pizza will reappear! You can enter and exit the pipe as often as you wish to make the pizza regenerate! Eating 10 pizzas will grant you an extra man!