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Backyard Basketball centers on developing basketball teams, all with young kids, which is what the game is generally tagreted for. There are many players, mostly preselected. I will put Dante on the spotlight for his professional skills in comparison to most of the rest of the players. He does a well job with almost any shot, so he would be my favorite player, I suppose. I also like the 'create player' option which allows you to customize your own players. You can do nearly everything in your power while creating a character, such as height differences, weight differemnces, gender, hai...


Okay Game...

The good:

Well Personally, I really, really, liked the 'Make Player' Feature, because you could have anybody of any size, shape, color, and skill.

The bad:

Well, the selection of courts was a little low, and it ended up real;ly not being to realisting for basketball because of far and high shots, and easy steals. But whatever, it was all good in the end anyway.


The names of the teams were great, but I wish you had the option of customizing them, but since they would be long, or nopt good I see why. Maybe in a future version of this game.

I created some serious quality players, and became an ace of the game with the help of a second player with me sometimes, and the original players from the game.

But to get, or not to get? That is the quesation. And you have the answer. I hope you pick the right one for yourself.


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