B-17 Flying Fortress Cheats

B-17 Flying Fortress cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Forest demons
in Battleon, all u have to do on a forest demon is wait till his defence is about 65 or so attack him.


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By going to the outside view of the B-17 and putting the mouse pointer on the far right. You will see a box appear with some planes. The Americans are the planes next to the stars. The Germans are marked with + signs. Click on the German planes and take control by pressing M. Then, bail out. Use the [ and ] keys to get the entire squadron. Do this to every squadron to become fighter-free.
Custom Soundtrack
By replacing the game disc with an audio CD while playing the game. The game only uses the CD-ROM for music. The music from the audio CD will play in the menus, but not during missions.
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