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[edit] Background

Azurik: Rise of Perathia is a 3rd-person 3D action/adventure game that has you take the role of Azurik - a young apprentice Lore Guardian. It is your duty to stop an apocalyptic prophecy that threatens to destroy your world. Explore vast environments, engage in hand-to-hand combat, solve puzzles, and become engulfed in a deep storyline.

[edit] Features

  • Action Axion style: A revolutionary weapon system lets gamers unleash the fury of the elements with attack powers and shields in a fraction of a second. Every great warrior knows his weapon well, and Azurik must balance brains and brawn to defeat his enemies.
  • Xbox hard disk drive: The world of Perathia is an immense environment with regions dedicated to the elemental realms of air, earth, water, fire, death, and life. Each region is a feast for the eyes. With incredibly rich textures, dynamic lighting, real shading, and spectacular particle effects, the world will seem truly alive.
  • Smart, dynamic enemies: A vast array of unique and ever-changing creatures work together; flocking, swarming, and riding one another to present dynamic combat challenges. Each creature has its weakness; find it, and exploit it to win. Be careful once night falls, however ... some things are not as they seem.
  • True freedom in gameplay: The gamer is truly free to explore the world of Perathia. Move between realms with no loading screens to pull you out of your adventure.

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Dark Elite
Jul 04, 04 5:27am

Well lets just say I got this game at the launch of the xbox along with Halo, but for...

Jul 22, 03 2:24pm

All this time I thought auditions for the blue man group were over. I just have to ask...

Dec 19, 02 6:24pm

The graphics are decent, but could have been a lot better. The story line, i think, is...

Oct 25, 02 1:16pm

I hope microsoft makes sequels to this game its so interesting and detaile sdi love...

Jun 27, 02 3:46am

The game grows and grows, and gets much more interesting as you venture further into...

Jun 02, 02 3:49am

It's a great game, the puzzles can be hard at times, but they ARE solvable! I prefer...

Apr 06, 02 2:09pm

This game is enjoyable. The high polygon count and the brain twisting puzzles make up...

Apr 03, 02 4:20pm

Great graphics, keeps your attention, and is a great challange. definatly worth...

Apr 03, 02 1:24pm

All In all this game is awesome. I've played a lot of adventure games but this one has...

Jan 29, 02 2:18am

I really enjoyed this game. It was definiatley challenging, and shall I say addicting....

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  • North America: Dec 15, 2001
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