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Awesomenauts Tips

Tip for the achievement "Master of the Universe!"
"Reach max level."

The final level is 45 and here you will be offered the chance to prestige (like in CoD). This will most likely take 10 hours and requires 440,000 – 445,000 xp to cap. This is because every level takes a fixed 10,000 points to level, but you get some points prior to level 1 that throws off the value. Due to this I can only tell you that it will end at 445,000 xp.

While there is no quick level 45 tactic, there are three methods that have their own value in doing. For all of these you want to be playing online as you earn roughly 2x more xp, but you can still only face bots if you want. Finally you should strive to win every match as that’s 5,000 xp by default.