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Star Trek: Away Team cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Star Trek: Away Team Cheats

Cheat Codes
During a game, type "cheater" to enable cheat mode. Then type any of the following codes:

medic to raise the health of all away team members
iwin to complete the mission.

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Distract Guards Permanently
The AI of the game is so bad you can permanently distract a guard using this simple trick. Some characters have a sound generator to distract guards. The program forces the distracted guards to run to the spot where the sound occured. If you make the sound on a rock or building wall where they can not reach, they usually will keep running into the wall allowing you to sneak on by.
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Mine Blasting
Easy way to get rid of mines...

1. Set up a proxxy mine next to your enemy mine without getting bleeped (set off) by the enemy mine. Get an enemy in. You destroy the enemy(s), your mine, and the enemy mine.

2. Another hard to do, set up a remote mine just out of bleeping range of your enemy mine. Back off. Press the pretty big red button. Boom-boom chain reaction.

3. Super easy = concussion grenade. You may wunna use the ones above since concussions are quite valuable in romulan cloaking-mine level.

4. Tricorder tick-off. All mines have a detection range about 1/3 of total damage range (killing to minor damage counting). If you take, say By the bolain, bring him up to the mine, tricorder out, the moment you see the top of the mine change color red-blue, you start running. chances are you will take about 1/2 through 1/5 damage (depends on character and if you know what running is yet)