Aliens Versus Predator

  • Released on Apr 30, 1999
  • By Rebellion for PC

Aliens Versus Predator Cheats

Aliens Versus Predator cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Alien Vs Predator Cheats

Cheat Codes
In order to use these codes, you must first install the patch which enables the saved game feature. Using MS-DOS Prompt, start the game by typing in avp.exe -debug command line parameter. Press the tild button ~ during game play to display the console. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes while playing as the indicated character to use the desired effect.

Change motion tracker speedMarineMOTIONTRACKERSPEED <0-16>
Adjust amount of blue in skyAnySKY_BLUE
Adjust amount of green in skyAnySKY_GREEN
Adjust amount of red in skyAnySKY_RED
Adjust amount of tilt when sidesteppingAnyLEANSCALE
All weapons and ammoAnyGIVEALLWEAPONS
Broadcast message to your speciesAnySAY_SPECIES
Broadcast messageAnySAY
Change game speedAnyTIMESCALE <0.0-1.0>
Change motion tracker volumeMarineMOTIONTRACKERVOLUME <0.00-1.00>
Clear all key bindingsAnyUNBIND-ALL
Create CPU controlled AlienAnyALIENBOT
Create CPU controlled Praetorian Alien(may crash game if enemy doesn't normally appear in level)AnyPRAETORIANBOT
Create CPU controlled Predator(may crash game if enemy doesn't normally appear in level)AnyPREDOBOT
Create CPU controlled Predator-Alien (may crash game if enemy doesn't normally appear in level)AnyPREDALIENBOT
Create CPU controlled Xenoborg(may crash game if enemy doesn't normally appear in level)AnyXENOBORG
Create an CPU controlled MarineAnyMARINEBOT
Create light aura; repeat for brighter auraAnyLIGHT
Decreases detail levelAnyDETAIL_LEVEL_MIN
Display frame rateAnySHOWFPS
Display level coordinatesAnySHOWCOORDS
Display number of rendered polygonsAnySHOWPOLYCOUNT
Get name of player nearest center of screenAnyID_PLAYER
God modeAnyGOD
Increases detail levelAnyDETAIL_LEVEL_MAX
List all key bindingsAnyLISTBIND
List all text expansionsAnyLISTEXP
List cheat commandsAnyLISTCMD
List in-game helpAnyLISTVAR
Player invisible to all opponentsAnyOBSERVER
Replenish energy supplyPredatorGIMME_CHARGE
Select CD track to be loopedAnyCDPLAYLOOP
Select CD track to playAnyCDPLAY
Set sound levelAnyCDVOLUME <0-127>
Show frag tableAnySHOW_SCORE
Stop playing CD trackAnyCDSTOP
Toggle crouch and crawlAlienCROUCHMODE <0 or 1>
Toggle doppler shift on Alien soundsAnyDOPPLERSHIFT <0 or 1>
Toggle network opponent movementAnyEXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENT
Toggle wire frame modeAnyWIREFRAMEMODE <0 or 1>
Verbose reports of text expansionsAnyEXPV

Load Species
Using MS-DOS Prompt, Start the game with the avp.exe -debug -l command line parameter, where a is the alien, m is the marine, p is the predator, c is the civilian, x is the xenoborg, t is the praetorian alien, and r is the predator-alien. All letters are case-sensitive.


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Aliens vs. Predator Patch Enabled Cheat Codes
In order to enable these codes you must download the patch, and add -debug to the command line (change the shortcut to read "c:\Program Files\Fox Interactive\Aliens vs Predator\AvsP.exe" -debug -lacmprtx) or whatever, the -lacmprtx will be explained in a bit. Doing this will disable Multi Player, saves, and you cannot earn new levels or new Cheat Options. Drop down the console ("~") and type, in capital letters:
SHOWFPS- Gives frame rate count


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Aliens vs. Predator Infinite Grenades in Co-Op Mode
Start a Co-Op game on a level of your choice. Choose Marine-Grenade as your class. You have three classes of grenades: Normal, Frag, and Proximity Mine. Shoot off all rounds of your two least favorite types. After all of two types of grenades have been fired off, fire off all of your favorite type of grenade.

After you are completely out of grenade ammo, press the button you have set as secondary fire. You should now have a just about infinite amount of your favorite type of grenades.
Cheats for any character:
Create CPU Controlled Alien - ALIENBOT
All Weapons and Ammo - GIVEALLWEAPONS
God Mode - GOD
Adjust Amount of Red in Sky - SKY_RED
Adjust Amount of Green in Sky - SKY_GREEN
Adjust Amount of Blue in Sky - SKY_BLUE
Create Light Aura - LIGHT
*Create CPU Controlled Xenoborg - XENOBORG
Player Invisible to all Opponents - OBSERVER
Display Frame Rate - SHOWFPS
Change Game Speed - TIMESCALE(0.0-1.0)
Cheats for the Alien:
Toggle Crouch and Crawl - CROUCHMODE(0 or 1)
Cheats for the Marine:
Motion Tracker Volume - MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME(0.00-1.00)
Motion Tracker Speed - MOTIONTRACKERSPEED(0-16)
Create CPU Controlled - MARINEBOT
Cheats for the Predator:
Replenish Energy Supply - GIMME_CHARGE
Create CPU Controlled - PREDOBOT