Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction (PS2) Cheats

Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction cheat codes.


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exceed Alien limit on mission 5
on mission 5 for the Aliens, take the freed warrior and go to the yellow square, when you get there open any of the rooms (by destroying the panels) EXCEPT the top left one, after opening one of them, eggs will appear, turn a couple of them into praetorian eggs and get the facehuggers from these to do their job on some pesty marines, once you have your praetorians, create a queen from one, once this is done fill up the counter as normal (till you get 45 aliens) then open the other doors in the egg room and the 3 other doors where you started, this will increase the score and can go up to regions of 50 or 60
Non-dieing Drones
When your on a level in the jungle and you want to spread hives with your drone, and a brawler or sword master comes along just simply upgrade the drones abillity.Then run up onto a cliff edge where a predator can't attack you then spit acid at him till the predators dead.


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Cheat mode
Pause the game and press R1(2), L1, R1, L1(2), R1, L1, R1(2), L1, R1, L1(2), R1, L1 to unlock the "Cheats" selection at the options menu. The cheat options include "Toggle Unit Spying", "Cheat Win", "Gimme $10000", "Show LZs", "Player Invulnerable", "Enable All Levels", and "Clear Fog Of War".