Avernum 6 HD (PC) Cheats

Avernum 6 HD cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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Debugging Codes
Press ALT-SHIFT-D to bring up the cheat input box. Write the following in the box, no caps and without spaces. These can be inserted during battle, and it CAN be used between enemy turns, just keep holding ALT and SHIFT while mashing the D button.
editorAfter activating the Character Editor at the main menu, type editor to modify the skill points and traits of anyone in your party.
giveasnackSpawns a cake in your inventory. Since your characters actually eat in this game, you might want to spawn 4 a a time.
ouchouchouchFills your health to max and removes poison and acid. Can be used during combat.
imdrainedFills your energy.
iampoorAdds 500 coins.
leetbuffzGives you a variety of cloaks and auras, plus a blessing and haste. Since you can only have one cloak at a time, it all cancels out to one.
iwanttobestrongerGives experience relative to the number of times this is used.
owmybrainsremoves all negative effects that affects your characters mind, for example daze, death curse, charm
forgivemeAll of your lesser crimes have been forgotten and the towns won't attack you. (Some major crimes, like stealing artifacts or killing major characters, can't be forgotten).
backtostartPoof! You're back to the start. teleport to your quarters (food depot)
pleaselikemeall areas have forgotten your crimes. If you are in a town that is currently hostile, travel away and come back later.
levelupdo ten levelup