Avernum 5 (PC) Cheats

Avernum 5 cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat Codes
During the game, press "Alt+Shift+D" in your computer to bring up a text box, then just type in the following codes:
backtostartReturns you to Blackchasm Outpost.
dontshowmeallDisables the showmeall cheat (re-hides hidden NPCs).
giveasnackSpawns a cake in the selected character's inventory.
iampoorGives you $500.
imdrainedRestores your party's spell energy.
iwanttobestrongerGives you XP.
leetbuffzFully buffs your entire party.
ouchouchouchRestores your party's health.
owmybrainsCures any character that is frozen or suffering from a mental effect.
pleaselikemeMakes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If you were hated, you will not be liked. Major crimes won't be forgotten.
showmeallReveals hidden NPCs on your minimap.