Auto Modellista review
Auto Modelista

The good:

Cel shading at it's best
The game looks like something taken out of a japaneese anime flick with all the little gadgets and stuff.

The bad:

Bad Driving, gets boring really fast, Not enough customizing oportunities in the garage


I was down at my local Gameshop a couple of days ago just to check out some of the new titles arrived for the PS2 ... actually i wanted to buy Hitman 2 but have always had a thing for driving games, so when looked at the shevles my eyes stoppedjust in front of "auto modelista" i fell in love with the cover right away so i just ha to buy (use to be a very big fan of the wip out series on the psx) this manga/anime inspired game was all i needed i thought. But as with everything there is always a few but's.

The game:
I came home threw myself in the chair and put the gam in the PS2, at first i was stunned the game looked great, felt great and was great at first,
the oportunity to tune the car and the dress up option where you can customize the looks of the car. I used several hours to make me a cool car and a cool garage
and then finally i hit the road, and this is where the game looses everything.
The driving is bad... real bad i must say i have tried few games where the car handles whorse, the game still looks great but this is not like any other driving game .... i actually feels a little like the old Commodore 64 game pit stop, im not kidding there is nothing good about the driving.

But still the oportunities in the garage with the car and all the mayor car licenses there is to choose from makes it game fun playing until you hit the road.
sorry for the spelling mistakes and stuff i really try

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