Automobili Lamborghini Cheats

Automobili Lamborghini cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64.

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Automobili Lamborghini Cheats

Bonus Cars
Exotic cars are awarded after successfully completing a series. Easy

Complete this seriesBonus car unlocked
Arcade: Basic SeriesPorsche 959
Arcade: Pro SeriesFerrari 512 TR
Normal Championship SeriesBugatti EB110 GT

Complete this seriesBonus car unlocked
Arcade: Basic SeriesFerrari F-50
Arcade: Pro SeriesDodge Viper GTS
Normal Championship SeriesMcLaren F1 and unlock Reverse Tracks

Reverse Tracks
Beat the Championship Mode in Novice and Expert difficulty levels.

Turbo Boost
During the pre-race countdown, when the announcer finishes saying "One" and as the words disappear, press the gas button. If you do it right you start off with a skid mark and an extra boost in speed. This trick requires perfect timing, so you might have to practice it to perfect it.


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Hidden Cars
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bugatti EB110Finish championship mode on Novice
Ferrari F50Finish championship mode on Expert
Ferrari TestarosaFinish the Basic arcade mode on Novice
Porsche 959Finish the Basic arcade mode on Expert
VectorFinish the Pro arcade mode on Novice
Dodge ViperFinish the Pro arcade mode on Expert


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Ferrari 512 TR
To get the ferrari 312 TR, you must beat Arcade Pro series (Novice)
Mirror Tracks
To access the reversed tracks, finish the championship mode on both Novice and Expert difficulty.
Porsche 959
To get the porsche 959, you must beat Arcade Basic series (Novice)
Reverse Tracks
Win Championship Mode (Novice and Expert)


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Unlock All Cars
At the title screen, enter this code: R, R, R, R, R, R