Atlantis II review
Obsessively Addicting

The good:

I loved the graphics of this game. This was my first experience with 3D action adventure on PC. I was very impressed with the authenticity. I found that I was addicted to the game. I was always wondering where it was going to take me next.

The bad:

The worst thing about this game is you are constantly left guessing about what to do next. Is it a puzzle? Does something go there, if so, then what and where do I find it? It became very frustrating at times. Without a few hints, I never would have understood the purpose of the game. It got a little easier as I went, but still a little frustrating, especially if you had to do a lot of backtracking.


I found that once I got the hang of the game, I became addicted to it. It was like reading a good book only better. You got to be in the book.
I loved the details of the pyramids in Maya and found myself going on a little tour. I was not left disappointed. The vintage items in the pyramids and temples was like being in a museum and could reach out and touch them. I loved the colors of Xibalba. They made it a little more friendly. The spiders were scary as hell!! I had knots in my stomach when I had to face them, especially the mother.
It was very rewarding to figure out some of the puzzles and mazes within the paths, pyramids, and hell. I did need to look up some hints in order to move forward at some points. That was a little frustrating. The game never came with instructions on what to do, what to look for, or the purpose of each level. You didn't always get the info in the game either. Overall though, I loved it and was upset when it was over. I am now looking for more!

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