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New Names, Old Games


Alchemy gets top billing in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Its protagonist relies on his ability to synthesize offensive and defensive items using elemental energy extracted from a destructible environment and the help of recruited Mana spirits. Shopkeepers can combine your finds into new items and various Mana stones are crystallized to produce stat boosts or skills, then fused and stored in select equipment to supply some degree of party customization.

However, this culminates to an experience with little difference from the expected. Klein is, in essence, a versatile mage who grows through e...


Eternal Mana

The good:

Fun gameplay, beautiful soundtracks, nice colourful visuals, lots of quests, good humour and various unlockables.

The bad:

The graphics are 2D which many modern gamers view as a dissapointment but other than that, there are no major short comings.


Well, I've never played Atelier series games before and this RPG was a real pleasant surprise for me. The gameplay is really fun and Eternal Mana is one of the RPGs I've enjoyed the most. There are so much various dialogues with NPCs, so many items to collect, quests, hidden locations - meaning the game never has any real boring moments and keeps you busy with gameplay from the start to the end. The story is nothing particularly original and is pretty simple and generic but in fact this game doesnt try to have any high level storyline, it's just good old fashioned fun. The characters are pr...

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