Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Cheats

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Arlin's Character Gallery/ Picture
You must get "PalmFish" and a "Palm Snowbug." Go show them to Lector. This will complete the "Life's Gift" series of items.
Art Gallery 1
You must get at least 150 items and show them to Lector to unlock the Art Gallery 1.
Art Gallery 2
You must show Lector at least 210 items to unlock the Art Gallery 2.
Art Gallery 3
Show Lector at least 251 items to unlock the Art Gallery 3.
Character Gallery Art Popo
You must get "Dunkelhite" and show it to Lector. This will complete the "Green Power" series of items.
Delsus Character Gallery
You must get "Pretty Stained", "Gogo Suit" and "Silver Pants" and go show them to Lector.
Delsus Spirit Attack
Go and talk to the old man in Lake Forwell. Make sure you have Gogo Suit and Snickerdoodle so that they're ready to give to him.
Get 99 fire elements quickly!
Just look for a place where you can set camp, and enter. There will be a fire in the middle. Just use extract and you'll have 3 fire elements! Exit and enter again and repeat!!!

Since loading doesn't take long, you can easily get 99 fire elements!
Get Zeldalia's Staff
Once you defeated the final boss you can go to Zeldalia's hut and talk to her. She will initiate a set of 5 battles with Norn and upon wining all battles, she will give Norn her staff which boost MAGIC a great deal. Win all 5 battles with Norn after talking to Zeldalia (After defeating Amalgam).
How to complete craft item
If you already have all craft item, there is must be one more in Lector's List, do you know what is that? That is a crupt, the ingredients are: 1. Invisible gear
2. Nano craft
Klein's Living Item Attack
Go and speak to Zeldalia twice. She will give you the choice to take a Living Item or a Mana Item. Which ever one you take, you'll get the other one later.
Klien's Background Picture
You must get "Klien's Cane" and "Medicine" and go show them to Lector.
Lita Character Gallery Art
You must get "Animal Paw" and "Rosie Ann BunH" and go show them to Lector to get the Lita Character Gallery Art.
Loads of Elements
If you want a lot of elements or healing stuff, just use the healing stuff and then extract lots of dirty water or well water or just extract plants. You can keep doing this.
Much Bigger Damage to Amalgam
If ever you still have "Lightning Rod". Use it on Amalgam with a Power item. it would inflict more than a thousand damage. When I first used the lightning rod on amalgam. It dealt him a wapping 1,500 dmg!
Norn's Illusion Attack
When you do the test in the Playground, arrange all the purple pieces on all the squares.
The way to defeat Amalgam
First, open the entrace to the Mull's chamber in Mull's castle, then you will meet Mull in a magic circle, and he will talk to you, and, when you trying to attack him he will disappear. When you got confused, you will meet a mana, its name is Amalgam. When you been attacked, you must be careful, because he has elemental extraction that have death effect. Since you have aeroangel to defeat prism use that too, to defeat Amalgam. But, before attack with aeroangel use power item to attack.