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Atari Volume 1


This brings back some of the classic games from 1980, remingding us techno-joystick gamers of today of our heritage. This is a worthy selection, but the same games come in Atari Anniversary, released two years later, and six more are added. If you take interest in Pong, Missile Command, Centipede, Breakout, Tempest and such, I reccomend going for the whole package and getting atari anniversary, leaving this virtually pointless.


Oldies rock

The good:

I really liked the graphics and their enhancablility. All six of these arcade classics are nearly good enough to die for. The 6 include pong, missile command, breakout, centipede, asteroids, and tempest.

The bad:

I think afew of the games needed to be a bit more altered from level to level, instad of the same, such as pong (levelless) and breakout (boring).


Centipede was my favorite personal, since it was the most challenging, and hard to tire. Tempest was too hard however, and I never really got into it. Missile command was excellent, and I look forward to it's enhanced version in the anniversary edition of Atari. Astroids was great, much like Centipede in the way taht it was fun, varied, and hard to tire of. Pong and breakout were some of the funnest ones at first, but they eventually tired when the next level was just te same. All in all, this game just needed a little more variation, and it would be the best.

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