[edit] Background

Born into an age where all knowledge of the Origins has faded into the twilight of legend, Seyan, young Lord of Aston, has a vision. He sets out to found the base necessary for endowing him with the material power and security that will permit him to follow his ulterior dream, by raising Aston above all other city-states in military, economical and technological might. Uniting feuding warlords and their subjects alike, the fledgling Aston Empire thrives on its promise of ubiquitous prosperity and peace with almost unnatural ease.

Yet Seyan is restless. His vision seems to have been given a solid foundation now; its essence, however, remains elusive. None of the sages he gathers around him from every part of his Empire knows how to satiate his hunger for knowledge that is but the more powerfully roused by their tales of magic once known to the Ancient Ones and lost with their destruction of each other.

[edit] Gameplay

Each player assumes the role of a battle-hardened warrior or a powerful mage. He or she enters the world of Astonia and begins to train for battle. The experience gained as characters solve quests, discover new places, and kill evil monsters, can be applied to raise any of a large number of attributes, skills and spells. Characters gain rank and power, qualifying them for better and more powerful equipment for the new and greater challenges that lie ahead...

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT/Millenium/XP
14.4 kBit Modem 300 MHz Processor
4MB PCI (or AGP) Graphics Card
DirectX Version3.0 or higher

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Release Dates
  • North America: Mar 17, 2002
  • Europe: Mar 1, 2002