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If Aladdin Were a Cold-Blooded Killer


When you look back at the relatively harmless video games of the ‘70s and ‘80s, you wonder how killing has become the indispensible ingredient of AAA titles. Gamers have become so desensitised to blood and gore that none of us batted an eyelid in 2007 when Ubisoft’s new IP had us playing as a medieval, professional murderer. Indeed it speaks volumes about the appeal of ani...


Assassin's Redundancy


When I first heard about Assassin's Creed, I thought that it'd be like Hitman set in the 1100s. What I didn't know was that it was going to be a sandbox-y game, with large environments that hosted a series of missions... that repeated over and over and over and over again, and could barely be considered missions at times. The best way to sum up Assassin's Creed is that how much you enjoy the first half of the game is in inverse proportion to how much you'll enjoy the second half, but that's if you actually enjoyed the first half at all, because an enjoyment level of 0 or less... just lowers...


Assassin's Clockwork


It may be hard to believe, but I really like Assassin's Creed... or at least, the idea of Assassin's Creed. Think about it - you're a guy who basically relives the life of an assassin who happens to be one of your ancestors. You get to kill people like one badass mother*bleep*ing assassin. You even get to uncover some spicy shit. Sounds like a pretty cool game, right? Well, the second game is, but since I'm reviewing the first game... ehh, to be put bluntly, it's cool on paper, but pretty mediocre in execution.

Story: I can't really reveal much because it starts off fairly slowly, with all o...


Great, unique ideas got overlooked because of some repetitve-ness.

The good:

Swordfight duels
Use of 'Hidden Blade'
Music & Soundtrack
Assassin skills & Assassinations
Crowd system

The bad:

Tasks get repetitive soon
NPCs say the same dialogues
No trophies
Bending system


Assassin's Creed 1 (PS3)

This is a unbiased & spoiler-free review of the PS3 game- 'Assassin's Creed'.This game is also available on Xbox360 & PC and to be honest, there is no difference in all the versions. All of them have great graphics (don't know about the PC), All of them have the same game content & At least PS3 & Xbox360 versions play similarly (again, don't know about the PC).This game is a 'open world', 'free roaming' or 'sand-box' type of third person action/adventure game.
Lot's of people bought this game, lot's of people praised this game & some people bashed this game for being ...


Scaling buildings and assassinating enemies, such a trill!

The good:

I love the interactive environment, climbing the buildings and towers is quite fun! Collecting flags and escaping from soldiers, makes the game worthwhile to play longer, sidequests always improve a game.

I love riding the horses, so much fun! And the graphics are amazing, the horses are so beautiful. The scholars are a very handy hiding spot, the vigilantes are helpful as well, but I like to fight the soldiers. The gameplay is very interactive, especially the investigations.

Altair's skills make his attacks diverse, as he can use, a hidden knife, his fists, a sword or throwing knives. My favorite weapon is the hidden knife used to assassinate enemies and targets, though the sword is a close second. Jumping off of the towers and other buildings into the pile of hay is quite fun.

The bad:

Starting the game, I had a little trouble with the mini map, as it's not really explained very well. Clues as to where remaining flags are would be a great help, as they are often hidden.

I have a hard time, telling King Richards Soldiers and the Templar's apart as to their outfits have the same colors. View Points, I keep forgetting if I have scaled one, so I end up climbing one I have already added um...confirmed, something on the map that lets me know I've already confirmed it would be a big help.


I really enjoyed the story line, the betrayal and anger. Scaling buildings and wall jumps are quite full to perform. The horses cover great distances quite quickly, like a real horse would. I love rescuing the citizens, and assassinating the enemies quietly. I love being able to eavesdrop, its like all the things that you aren't supposed to do in real life, are no longer forbidden.

The doctor doing the research seems to have ulterior motives and I find him suspicious, why else would he kidnap Desmond and keep him locked in is his room?

You have to finish the game, it's that exciting and fun. ...


Assassins Creed

The good:

-Graphics. The visuals here are truly beautiful. Textures are expertly done, animations are fluid and incredibly well done. From viewpoints, panoramic views are breathtaking. Things only get better in 1080p with even the texture of Altair's uniform showing.

-Sound. The sound is equally impressive. With weapon clangs clean and crisp, and spine tingling flesh impacts. One move in particular causes you to ram a short sword down a mans skull and into his spinal column. This produces a sickening wet 'crunching' sound. The sound here is really top notch.

-Combat mechanic. While it is simple, it delivers a fun combat experience. With the ability to pull of some simple combos. The place it really shines are counter attacks, and dodging.

-Story. The story is a finely crafted one. While it does use the age old formula of 'Evil organization wants to rule the world'. It takes it in an interesting direction, broaching religious views, as well as morale ones.

-AI. The AI here is quite good for what it has to do. However, I do wish some more work was put into it, to allow the guards to see you earlier. As it stands, you have to outright provoke them. And in some situations, you stick out like a store thumb. Yet they do not see you. However, this is still damn good AI.

The bad:

-Voices. While not actually bad, some are pretty corny or over done. And some can become downright annoying. Specifically, beggars.

-Investigations. These can become repetitive and can grate on your nerves.


Assassins Creed is a great game. It combines a great story with pretty good voice acting, fluid and fun combat, and incredibly detailed open world environments, and blends them all together with only a few bugs in the mix. But perhaps its greatest achievement is the climbing mechanic. This adds an entire layer to game play. With vertical position coming into the equation, you can now sneak by even alerted guards with ease. Just go up fifty feet.

This also effects things like assassinations, with the ability to drop from the sky onto your target like a bird of prey, the game makes you feel...

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