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Asphalt 3D review
Asphalt 3D Review

The good:

There are a lot of cars (42) and a decent amount of tracks (17) with 16 different leagues to race. All the tracks feel different, for example the narrow roads in Tokyo are much different than the wide streets in Rome. There are various challenges to complete in each race such as don't attract police attention or collect 5 repair power ups.

That's another thing in that there are power ups to collect in races. There are 3 different power ups for extra money, boost and repair. Speaking of which, you have nitro to help you in races and you can knock out other players by slamming into them. There are also sponsors that give you benefits such as reduced police fines or more boost in a race.In addition to the career mode there is also a free mode so you can just play around without real restrictions.

There are 8 different game modes available: Race, Time Trial, Leader of the Pack, High Speed Chase, Vigilante, Cash Attack, Drift and Duel. The game also supports 1-6 players via local play and StreetPass vs play. By enabling StreetPass you can also swap statistics with people. There are no bugs that I know of but I'm sure there are some.

The car models look nice. There are 16 achievements to unlock for those after the challenge.

The bad:

It's an IPhone game ported to the 3ds and that's what it feels like. The 3d effects aren't very good . They just make it look like the car is floating over the track. There is not much in the way of very detailed customization either as you can only change color add decals and change parts so this element is pretty basic.

I know this is nitpicking but the announcer is annoying. The music is also annoying pretty much all the same.

It is not too hard to get in first when racing the AI but hard to stay in first because of the traffic. It's a cheap game and it feels like it. There are police but they're pretty useless as you just have to push them into the wall and they'll be destroyed and in the high speed chase mode they will just drive into you and their own road blocks.

Drifting is not good as I feel like it just slows me down and has no use. And you can't put nitro on a electric car! The steering feels bad it just feels slow and the animation is stupid looking. Your vehicle can get damaged if you're a little reckless but this doesn't really seem to affect anything except the appearance of your car. There are only about 3 or 4 motorcycles which doesn't matter that much it would just be nice to have a few more.


Here's some gameplay (not mine):

Overall the game isn't terrible but it isn't great. Maybe buy it if you really like racing games on 3ds but I hear Ridge Racer 3D is better (I haven't played it). If you're looking for an excellent racer with stunning 3d check out a different game stay away. It was a 3rd party launch title so it's not going to be perfect.

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