Asheron's Call 2 review
Asheron's Call 2

The good:

The prettiest looking beta ever........

The bad:

Probably the dullest, most dumbed down MMORPG ever.Buggy as all he**


I looked foward to playing AC2, the hype and the screen shots made it look like a sure hit. Instead it misses the target by a mile. It is a supposed "Lead foward" in on line games. Instead it's a giant step backwards.

The Story: A world ravaged by war, struggles to bring back civilization.

Neat concept. Poor exicution.

What ever rocket scientest okayed the design needs a boot to the head.

Lets start with what makes it the next generation of MMorpg's.

The key features are: no NPC's, no towns (a lot of lack-luster "burned out" ruins-none of which are exploreable, or very inyersting looking, and empty log walled hill forts though-
The idea it would seem is that these can serve as strong points, in the kingdom v kingdom games.
I have not seen anyone actually use them as such, so they are pretty pointless.........

All of this leads to a rather empty world. No point in traveling to any point other then killing bigger/badder monsters.

It also leads to some really strange concepts- Quests come from drinking green liquids(???) and talking rocks and pots, and things.....All of which made really "Getting" into the game very hard.

Heres how weird it is-(A true example from my first night online)-

Player 1 "Well, now I gotta kill 10 red wasps...."
Player 2 "Why?"
Player 1 "This stuff I drank just told me to!!"
Player 3 "WTF?!?!? Do you always do what your soda tells you to?"

Pretty lame.

The craft system- Instead of tradeing to NPC's, you get to make your own goods out of looted junk. You match the components of what you want to make, with what you have- and there you have it. For instance you want to make a decent bow, so you need Wood and Acid (Acid??? WTF???? Must have sounded cool....).

BUT don't expect to much from it- Every piece of crafted equipment looks the same. There is not one bit of difference in the way a "Basic Squires sword" looks when compared to a "Quality Squires Sword"AND your options are very limited.

Character development looks like the skills were stolen right from diablo, and had a few worthless ones taped to them, just for good measure. As you gain levels you get to add points into these skills, by spending exp. points
My expierence with it was you will probably find 2 or three that work really well and dump everything into these slots. Fun.

Also players who are use to stats (Strength, Dexterity, etc) will not get to see them, all this is kept hidden from the player, if it even exists..

The Graphics are nice, but like almost everything else, monsters and player all look alike. The only thing to mark the difference between Monster a and Monster type B is color. Players are harder to tell apart- Everyone of any race looks the same.

This probably just as well, because you hardly ever see anyone else....you can play for hours and not run into a single soul. Which kind of defeats the on-line aspect....

Game play is pretty rote. Kill loot, sort through the junk, decide whats worth keeping. Mannually drag each item you don't want to the "sell" box. Sort through what you kept, and craft a few things. Look at the stats of what you crafted, decided if it is better then what you already have, if it is, keep it, if it's not sell it. Find the next monster that drops the item you want, kill it repeat. And heres a fair warning, Clean out your inventory and rearrange it on a regular basis, because if it gets cluttered to badly it's a royal pain to fix....

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