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The good:

Gosh there isn't a whole lot, and very little of it is very good.

Nice Graphics...I guess.
I suppose (as the defenders on the official board point out) there is potential...if it is ever reached.
Monthly updates and all that jazz........

Honestly I don't think AC2 will be around long enough.Not with the Star Wars:SE, EQ2, the DaoC expansion, and other games being released (Games that work, are enjoyable, or are being produced by people who know how to make enjoyable games).

The bad:

What little there is is B A D.
Poor inventory management
Poor Chat system
Empty world
Crapy Craft system
Tired Skill point buy system (with 99% of the skills being worthless)
Animations are poor (characters have 2, that's right, count 'em 2! animations for fighting).
Everything looks the same.
Most of the loot is the same.

I fell asleep playing it, it's just that much fun...


Dull is an understatement. Once you get past the "Wow" factor of the graphics, there just isn't enough to keep a player involved, other then building a character-which is nothing new.

Heralded as the "Next Generation of MMORPG", and promiseing to take a great leap foward, AC lurched out of production stumpled and fell into the great void of utterly un-fun, and non-entertaining games.
Appearing in a bargin bin near you soon!




I've played them all.. UO,AO,AC1,DAoC,EQ and more.... Asheron's Call 2 is the best out of all of them. The monthly updates are under rated.... Buy this game. you will not regret it. asda aa aaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaaa a aaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa a aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaa a aa a aaaaaa aaa aaaaaa aaaa a aaaaa a aaa aaaaa aaa aaa aaaaaa aa a aa aa aa aaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa a aa a aaa aa aa aa aaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa a aaa aaa aa aaa aaa aaa


Asheron's Call 2

The good:

The prettiest looking beta ever........

The bad:

Probably the dullest, most dumbed down MMORPG ever.Buggy as all he**


I looked foward to playing AC2, the hype and the screen shots made it look like a sure hit. Instead it misses the target by a mile. It is a supposed "Lead foward" in on line games. Instead it's a giant step backwards.

The Story: A world ravaged by war, struggles to bring back civilization.

Neat concept. Poor exicution.

What ever rocket scientest okayed the design needs a boot to the head.

Lets start with what makes it the next generation of MMorpg's.

The key features are: no NPC's, no towns (a lot of lack-luster "burned out" ruins-none of which are exploreable, or very inyersting looking, and e...

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