All-Star Baseball '99 Cheats

All-Star Baseball '99 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more All-Star Baseball '99 cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

All-Star Baseball '99 Cheats

Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes at the Cheat menu:

Play in Outer Space as the AbductorsATEMYBUIK
Big Heads and FeetBIGHELIUM
Big Heads, Bats. and FeetGOTHELIUM
Alien Stadium and PlayersATEMYBUIK
Baseball TrailsGRTBLSFDST
Giant BaseballBBNSTRDS
Lots of Broken BatsBRKNBAT
Fat and Thin PlayersABBTNCSTLO

In-Game Cheat Codes
During a game, enter one of the following:

Baseball TrailsB, Left, Up, Right, Down, B, A, Left (x2)
Giant BaseballUp, Right, A, Left (x2), B, Up, Left (x2)
Fat & Thin PlayersA, Left (x2), Right, Up, B, Right
Paper Thin PlayersUp, Right, A, Right, A, Down (x2), Up (x2), Down
Big Heads, Feet, & BatLeft, A, Right, Down, B, A, Left (x2)

More Pitch Selections
When you are starting a game, go to the "Game Options" screen and go to game mode and change it to arcade. Then go into the game and hold the Z button when you're pitching. You now have eight pitches to choose from, including the spit-fastball and the screwball.

Victory Dance
After the opposing team scores, walk your player to home plate. The man who just scored will be doing the YMCA or the Macarana.

Lizard Players
Choose an exhibition game then go to Kaufmann Stadium. There are two signs that say "Win a lizard." If a player hits that sign the team will turn into lizards.

Little Home Run Derby Guy
Make sure you have a roster slot open on a team. It should say "empty" instead of a player's name. Go to Home Run Derby and pick that guy. You won't even see him him walking in the grass because he's really small and dark. It takes a while for him to reach the mound, so be patient. Watch the pitcher; he'll actually have to throw to the ground so this guy can hit the ball. He does pretty good and is hilarious to watch.
submitted by Jeremy Engleheart

Extra Running Speed
When running to a base, quickly tap the Z button to speed up your player. You can also add some zip to your runner when running back to a base, just tap R quickly.

Hidden Messages
At the title screen enter: C-Up, R, B, B.

Enter the following code at the title screen to enable a credits option: R, A, Z, R, C-Right, A, B.

Backwards Batters
Pause during a game and go to the change lineup option. Replace your batter with a different batter that bats the same way. Now go back to the game only long enough just to see your batter. Go to the change line-up option again and replace your batter with a batter that bats using the opposite side. (so if the originally batter is right handed, pick a left handed batter). When you go back to the game, you will find the batter is backwards.


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2-D players
On the main menu enter PRPPAPLYR
Alien Stadium & Team
On the main menu enter ATEMYBUIK (a Thomas Dolby reference, no less) as a cheat code and the phrase "Let the abductions begin" will confirm correct code entry. The Alienapolis stadium now will be available from the stadium selection screen and the Abductors team will be enabled for that stadium.
Bigs hands and feet
On the main menu enter BIGHELIUM
Bigs heads, feet and bats
On the main menu enter GOTHELIUM
Lizard Team
At the Kansas City Royals stadium, if you hit one of the two signs that say ''Win a Lizard?'', your team will turn into lizards.
Tiny batter
Leave an open player lot for your team so it appears as 'Empty'. Select 'Home Run Derby', choose the 'Empty' slot and you'll get a player so small he is almost invisible. More time is needed for him to enter the batter's box before the pitcher can throw the ball.


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Misc Cheats
2D Players
At the cheat menu, enter PRPPAPLYR

Broken Bats
At the cheat menu, enter GOTHELIUM

Change Players Weight
On the cheat nebu, enter ABBTNCSTLO

Baseball leaves a smoking trail
Pause the game, then hold Z and press B, C Left, C Up, C Right, C Down, B, A, C Left, C Left

Big Baseball
Pause the game, then hold Z and press C Left, A, C Right, C Down, B, A, C Left, C Left

Credits Option
At the Title Screen press R, A, Z, R, C-Right, A, B

Players Are Paper-Thin
Pause the game, then hold Z and press C-up, C-right, A, C-right, A, C-down, C-down, C-up, C-up, C-down.

Players' heads, feet, hands and bats are big
Pause the game, then hold Z and press C Up, C Right, A, C Left, C Left, B, C Up, C Left, C Left

Some players are fat, others are thin
Pause the game, then hold Z and press C Left, C Left, C Right, C Up, B, C Right