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My version is very buggy and I have not used the patches that are now out.

Graphics (8/10)
There really isn't anything too spectacular in the graphics area of the game. All the levels are done with out too much to catch the eye. The characters are all very much the same. There are only about two different models per race in the game disregarding key characters.

Sound (9/10)
There is very little music playing as you go about your journey. This is not really a bad thing because the atmosphere of the game is done quite well and doesn't really need any music to help it. The sounds in the game a...



The good:

Fighting and getting lots of money just realy playing

The bad:

The long loading scene


This game would have to be one of my favourites .The good graphics make it feel like your really there. it has a great story line. lots of diferent types of wepons and armour. its got losts of things to do like pick lock pick pocket make potions ect the only baad thing is it takes quit a while to load, bbut then thats probily cause its such a good game


Arx Fatalis

The good:

What animation you can make out in the overly done darkness is pretty good.

The bad:

Too dark to see anything. Frustrating game flow.


This game is more frustrating than fun. I don't know why the makers of RPG's seem to think that people like games essentially equivalent to guessing the right number between 1 and 65 zillion. Yeah, if you stick with it long enough, you'll eventually figure it out, but it's just NOT FUN.

I have two suggestions for RPG enthusiasts considering this game:
1) Get Morrowind instead.
2) See #1.


Arx Fatalis Demo.

The bad:

- Clunky user interface.
- Switching Weapons isn't as easy as it should be.
- At default the graphics are way too dark.


It's a decent game but not one that would fit my game play style.

Found that the user interface leaves a LOT to be desired.

Had a hard time switching weapons.

Until I found the Gamma and other graphics settings the environment was way way too dark.

The characters in the demo are way too "blocky".

Maybe if the interface had combined the attack mode and items view mode on ONE screen it would have worked a lot better for me.

The feel while in attack mode was very strange... one moment I'm hitting the enemy the next I'm looking at the ceiling.

In my humble opinion... This game just isn't quite "read y...

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