Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 review
Poor play due to lack of control style.

The good:

The only good i find in Army men 2 is that there is a little more lengthy play in multi player though it only has six levels of play so that makes it not worth it. the cheats are good to use when you find a hard spot though i doubt many of you game fans shall find it much trouble. its way easier than army men 1 i've also found if you fiddle with the game controls to fit your style like in the first game the play is alot better though i doubt much can be said for the game as a whole.

The bad:

It was a major disappointment because i was expecting a better game than the first kinda like a sequal, though they totally lose track or thier focus on this game. Due to the poor graphics and few tan enemys to knock off the play is quite dull even on expert level with i find quite sad. If you even though to play this game be warned the control style isn't up to par, the cheats aren't worth the effort, the graphics need a major overhaul and unless u understand no plot or destination in a game i think u should get rid of the game.


I do belive it could've used alot more effort and time put into the game. like in army sarge hero one. here everything is bad though i don't know of the music i didn't hear any, and though the selection of wepons is quite greater then the first one the use of them is quite limited and u can easily kill your self with those wepons. and the bad guys aren't really intimidateing or worth killing you can surely pass most of them and not even be scaved by them. i'm afraid the end of the sarges hero's is to come. but i'd like it if they continued with the saga with a bit more of a twist where plastro escapes capture and re-joins blue in a all out effeort to crush green and grey. the feild of play should be extended to 12 multi player levels with unlimited play, and the single player mode should be adiquite to match the game play. as well as the plot would be better thought out. and the basic traning camp for both one and two army men should be harder while also deminstrating a high success rate so only the best can play the one player mode. and the odds shouldn't be stacked in either player or playees favor. the odds shoudl decide on the skill of the person playin even if you could be tan instead of green which would be a intresting change. but thats only my idea. over all i missed the topic of sarge hero's two but i do know it wasn't all it could be though if u put some though into it u'd definately find its a over all decent came.

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