Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 review
Army Men Sarges Heros 2


Well, let me think about that one... I really can not think about any thing good to say about this game, except for maybe in will be cheap because it is a horrible game, and nobody should want such a bad game.

Let me think about that one for a second, what about the horrible graphics, the mumbling they called sound, the funness factor of about zero.

The graphics for this game looks like that time that I ate that bad chicken and it came back up like ten minutes later as a whole plethora of different colors. The background textures look like something I could make using crayons and some water colors. A truly impressive display of a poorly made game.

AUDIO: 1/10
Much like the sounds systems from the turn of the century, the sounds resemble a scratched forty five played on a CD player. Just some squealing mumbling and if you play it long enough you will find about twenty dogs in your backyard wondering where the dying cat is so they can EAT it.

What do the controls of this game resemble? It is kind of hard to explain what exactly it is. Okay, I think it is easier to play this game while looking away from the television and the directional pad facing away from you and turned upside down. Because then at least you could figure out what the buttons mean. Well that is not a good example at all, but I hope you could get the point that they are not good at all.

This is not a fun game at all, I think that it is best compared to watching paint dry, which is not fun at all, believe me I did it for $10 but only if I could stay awake. If you like the other Army Men games then you would probably like this one because it is an exact duplicate of the other eighty four of them.

It is hard to want to play a game over if you hated it the first time around, so in order for it to be fun again it would need to be fun, but it is not so it wouldn't be again, and I think I am going in circles here.

Go and fight the tan team, protect the green team, infiltrate the base. There, I wrote the story line for you, I hope I did not spoil the game for you. If that spoiled the game then I am sorry because you actually started to like the game.

CHEATS: 0/10
I am giving them a one because I don't feel like giving anything a zero right now, so I am spotting them one on this one. The cheats don't make the game any more fun then if there were no cheats. I hope that if there is another Army Men then it will have batter cheats as well as better everything else.

You should not do either one of them, unless of course you feel like wasting your money. But if you have the opportunity to get it for under a dollar, then get it. You never know when you will need a good coaster.

I think that this is an all time low in the history of video games, the only other game that I think reached this level of badness was the Spawn game. I like Spawn, but what was Todd McFarlin thinking about when he made that game? Just like what was 3DO (I think they made it) thinking when they made thins game? If you have this game already, change your name and move to Algeria, and hide the rest of your life in humiliation.

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