Army Men II (PC) Cheats

Army Men II cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Army Men II Cheats

Cheat Codes
During a game press [Backspace] to enter message mode, then type !when all else fails... to enable cheat mode. Enter one of the following codes:

Win mission!veni vidi vinci
Vulcan gun!a better tomorrow
View FMV sequences!fond memories
Stealth mode!ninja arts
Sniper rifle!beautiful nikita
Sniper rifle!god of gamblers
Reconnaissance flights!watchtower in the sky
Paratroopers!paper dolls
Flak jacket!aluminum foil
Flame thrower!village people
Flaming Sarge!phoenix!
Flight mode!jumpjets
Full map!spidey senses tingling
Gray disguise!metal sheeting
Grenades!i have a rock
Healing!doctor doctor
Highlighted men promoted to five stars!patton's speach
Lose mission!i give up
M-80!fourth of july
Magnifying glass!ruby ray
Medical kit!rubber cement
Mine sweeper!pooper scooper
Mines!acme discs
Mini-map objects blink faster!warp 6
New background sound!techno
No rocket launcher!no rocket launcher
Overwhelmed by enemies!surprise party
Explosives!gnomish inventions
End of Phoenix, etc.!cliche ending
Enable additional fog of war!moleman
Disguise!shrink wrap
Commit suicide!suicide kings
Bodies not scattered or melted become zombies!night of the walking dead
All guns!cookie jar
Air strike!geronimo!
Aerosol spray!roach spray
"Go Bruins" message!ucla

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