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Tbis game is pretty horrible

The good:

This game is good when it comes to the battles and the controls and sound. The battles get pretty intenese. Fighting in tanks and boats is really fun and gets pretty exciting. The sound is wonderful. The sound gets deeper and more scary when your coming to fight and the realistic sound of the explosion and gunfire is also cool. The controls are very easy to learn.A regular shooting game. The gameplay is cool the levels are fun to replay and they necer get boring.

The bad:

The graphics and suffer in this game. The lighting and the enemies are not very detailed. Sometimes you cant see the enmy because you think they are something else. But its the graphics the enemies are all blurry. The lighting is also bad. You cant even see where you are going sometimes!


Rent this game first. Its fun but you might eant to test it out before you throw money around.

Overall rating-3.6


A review (duh)

The good:

Lots of cool vehicles not yet seen in an Army Men game
Good controls
Good gameplay
Cool save system that allows you to play ANY level that you have competed so far
Cool levels
Cool settings and environmets

The bad:

Soundtrack will get annoying
Graphics are far from good
No real story or plot
No real videos
Some levels are WAY too hard
No cheats to help the stumped
Too many Army Men games have been made


The places where this game lets itself down are sound, graphics, videos, difficulty and story. Firstly, there IS no story. At the beginning of the game you are told in a really crappy video that the tan have attacked the green, and the green are gonna hit back. In the different "episodes," you have no idea what you are actually setting out to do, you have to guess from the nature of the missions. The sound gets annoying. You will start hearing the dull, tacky, identical bullet shots in your sleep, trust me. The only videos you will ever see is one meaningless and short black and white...


Army Men: World War- Land, Sea, Air


If you like this game then there are about ten thousand more for you to go out and buy, and don't be worried, they are not a hot commodity.

Horrible graphics Replay value is at an all time low An unoriginal idea, especially after the seventy third different Army Men game.

Graphics: 1/10
These are the kind of graphic that you see on a Playstation game and it makes you want to cry. It looks like there are two semi-distinguishable colors of green baby poo on a screen with horribly fake looking bullets and missiles flying at each other in a sad attempt to look like a war game.


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