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Two can be as bad as one

The good:

> Innovative Co-Op gameplay, for the first time Co-Op becomes a game instead of a feature

> In game humour

> The realistic and interesting plot

> Enjoyable characters

> 2 player offline Co-Op

> Aggro gameplay

> Good visual display

> Weapon/armour customisation

The bad:

> The 4 player online

> Low lifespan

> Lack of interest after story is figured out

> Lackluster boss battles, enemies with extra health or a powerful weapon


Army of Two is one of the many new IPs brought out in 2008 by Electronic Arts, EA to most, and isn't like most EA games. Meaning this one was a decent attempt to create a good game, where before EA where reputed for movie cash in and low budget casual games such as the early Harry Potter games. Army of Two is part of a new line of games that look to rid that image, along with Mirror's Edge, Dead Space and Battlefield: Bad Company.

So lets begin with the plot. Army of Two begins in Somalia 1993 with two United States rangers, Tyrson Rios & Elliot Salem, sent in to remove a local warlord from ...


Army of suckage

The good:

Graphics [Water effects most especially]

Co-op is decent. It provides a good bit of fun provided you have a competent team-mate.

Weapon customization is cool. This is perhaps the best point in the game. With a bevy of options for almost all the guns, you can really make a gun yours.

The bad:

Gameplay: It is slow and very linear. often being funneled into a single path gets annoying.

Short, linear, slow, scripted campaign.


Voice acting


AI: The AI in this game, though decent, lacks and true ability and will fall before you like leaves in a strong wind.


This game has a cool idea. An elite unit of two buddies, handing the world its ass on a silver platter.
It has a mediocre execution, however. The gameplay is decent the first time you play through it. Cool ideas like totally customizable guns, and masks give the impression of a deep game. In reality, it is pretty shallow.

The story is disjointed in the telling, with the time line spanning years but the characters go through the in-game "investigation", as if it was taking place over days. This leads us to the dialog, which is lack luster, and profanity filled. With the exception of the c...


One is the loneliest number...

The good:

If anyone has actually heard of the game from rumours, ads or magazines they will know that the motto for Army of Two is, "Co-op isn't a mode, it's the game." In this case it is very true. You are expected to team up with a friend either locally or online for the narrative campaign or the online versus.

The characters in Army of Two are also another key factor to the games success: they look cool, average mercenary attitude and to begin with both oblivious to the plot that is just about to unfold. Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem are your two main characters, both very capable mercenaries. Salem is the younger and less wise of the two whereas Rios is clever and is more of the main character than Salem is.

The campaign mode is very fruitful. The plot behind Army of Two is divine, plenty of plot twists and enough action to make you not want to step away from your console. The gameplay is pretty much just like your normal shooter meaning you can easily pick up and play this game. There are a few features in Army of Two that do set it apart and even ahead of your average shooter one being the Aggro system. This system allows one player to become the target of enemy attacks and the other player becomes basically invisble to the enemy also as I said earlier, the game is mainly Co-op orientated but if you haven't got a friend over or if you can't find anyone online you can always team up with an AI partner that can be handy and gives YOU a lot more to do. In the single player you can command your AI partner to do just about anything and you could find it being a real bonus.

Graphics and sound are absolutely flawless and the cutscenes are almost life like. The multiple explosions, cries of enemies and gunfire really make you think your in the game and the landscapes of some of the areas are truly beautiful.

The bad:

Firstly something that could be argued is that Army of Two simply isn't long enough. There are six levels but they are all lengthy and in some spots can make you feel as though you are repeating the same gameplay deliverence again and again. The enemy AI allows them to take cover behind just about anything they can find and open fire on you while they are hidden safely. It may be pretty impressive enemy AI but can annoy gamers when they are trying to clear levels.

My first impression of the game would be that it would be TWO PLAYER ONLY but still they managed to sneak a single player mode in which is fine but some of the commands can get ignored and your partner can tend to wander off when you need them.

Being interactive with the terrain in a shooter is a nice add on poorly missed by Army of Two. Many invisble walls in the game can sometimes make you feel like your going nowhere and many obstacles like some fences and low walls aren't managable.

The worst flaw of Army of Two and the reason i have given it a lower score than it deserves is the inexcusably poor standard of the online content. Firstly find partners to team up with for the campaign mode can take ages, you must specify a map and difficulty but the chances are that someone wont be playing the same level as you and if they are they will almost definately be on a different difficulty. UK and EU players cant interact meaning again the number of players available online is even less. To enter a game you simply have to wait in the "ready room" which i find the most loathsome way of managing online content in video games. You just have to wait until someone matches with you but if not, tough. Without lobbies you can't get a decent game almost ninety nine percent of the time which can prove most frustrating to players but the worse is to come. If you bought Army of Two hoping for a battlefield 2 style online mode your bitterly mistaken. Instead of the mass of 64 player rooms on BF2 there is a limit to just 4 players a room. This can be seen to make games a lot more tactical but if your hoping to mash up hordes of enemies you will just have to settle for the NPCs who just appear here and there during online play. And even when you do find enemy players you will find they can simply be take out by your melee attack in one fell swoop which makes the guns basically redundant.


On the whole it is a great game. The plot is stunning and so are the graphics and sound. If you have a brother or friend who frequently visits this is the game for you but if you prefer to tag along with online players this might not be you cup of tea. In my opinion the online was a huge let down but it really depends on how you look at it. Here is my summary...

Graphics: 4.8/ 5.0
Gameplay: 4.6/ 5.0
Story: 4.7/ 5.0
Online: 1.8/ 5.0


My Review On Army Of Two

The good:

Online Co-Op

The bad:

Stupid AI parts
Story isn't as long as everyone would like


I dunno where to start really. I would just like to start by saying that i have finished this game 4 times so i know what i am talking about.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are good, They are some of the best IMO they could have improved in certain places but they showed off what they had to. It really looks polished and the water effects and top quality, There is a few flaws and let downs in tiny texture details and certain points which you will come across which has lowered the score from a 8.5 maybe a 9.
When watching cutscences you really think they got the lighting affects dead right.


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