Army Corps of Hell

Army Corps of Hell Cheats

Army Corps of Hell cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS Vita.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Champion of Courage(Bronze)Alchemized equipment for spearmen.
Hell's Magi(Bronze)Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with magi only.
Hell's Serenader(Bronze)Achieved the maximum rating (excellent) in one of the musical instrument mini-games.
Hell's Soldiers(Bronze)Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with soldiers only.
Hell's Spearmen(Bronze)Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with spearmen only.
Infamy of Hell(Bronze)Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with an overall platinum rating.
Lord of Hell(Bronze)Cleared up to stage 20.
Resurrection Inceptor(Bronze)Cleared the first stage.
Ringleader of the Wretched(Bronze)Alchemized first equipment for magi.
Sage of Antiquity(Bronze)Alchemized first equipment for soldiers.
Sage of the Abyss(Bronze)Alchemized all consumable items.
Sin's Slaughterer(Bronze)Crushed 100 foes.
Bastion of Bloodshed(Silver)Completely filled the Demonic Compendium.
Demon God's Bane(Silver)Defeated all bosses.
Eternal Reaper(Silver)Crushed 1,000 foes.
Grim Trailer(Silver)Achieved an overall platinum rating ten or more times.
Infamy of Purgatory(Silver)Cleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with an overall platinum rating.
Lord of Purgatory(Silver)Cleared all Purgatory stages (21-30).
Purgatory's Magi(Silver)Cleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with magi only.
Purgatory's Soldiers(Silver)Cleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with soldiers only.
Purgatory's Spearmen(Silver)Cleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with spearmen only.
Sage of Spears(Silver)Alchemized all weapons and armor for spearmen.
Sage of Staffs(Silver)Alchemized all weaons and armor for magi.
Sage of Swords(Silver)Alchemized all weapons and armor for soldiers.
Alchemist of Hell(Gold)Alchemized all possible weapons, armor, and items.
Cleanser of Hell(Gold)Crushed 3,000 foes.
Infamy of Tartarus(Gold)Cleared a Tartarus stage (31-40) with an overall platinum rating.
Lord of Tartarus(Gold)Cleared all Tartarus stages (31-40).
Pinnacle of Gore(Gold)Exceeded 66,666 jewels in your possession.
Overlord of the Underworld(Platinum)Obtained all trophies.