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In Reality, God is Force

The good:

Armored Core has been one of the underdogs of Gaming, when it comes to Mech operations. Every 2 years or so, an Armored Core Expansion pack is published and offers alot of useful weapons and mobile parts, that has kept fans craving for more. For more than a Decade, the series has had its ups and downs, and while PS2 Fans are regretfully told that Last Raven was the last installment for the PS2, there was still stories to be told with the upcoming, Armored Core 4.

One of the drawbacks is always creating a reasonable storyline for Armored Core, and the 4th official chapter isnt any different. Companies, while ignoring the fact their creations are damaging the Earth's resources, are all obsessed with one thing, power. Almost all of them will do any means to be the top of the food chain, in this case, they hire Seasonal Armored Cores, aka Nexts, to do their bidding.

Ironically you are also an AC pilot yourself, but hired to stop their means of harsh plans to create such a destructive force that can be unable to be resisted any longer.

For beginners and seasonal vets, it offers a tutorial mode which in this case is necessary as on a 360 platform, the controls are difficult to master. The Player will be showed ways from moving the AC, to learning new Quick boosts, and using ranging combat.

Armored Core 4 has leveled up drastically in Speed, as mentioned earlier, the new Quick Boost option literally makes strafing like evasion alot fun and impressive when use well against Cannon lasers or missles. However, this sacrifices alot of Energy if used Hastily, so Generator and Booster adjustments will once again, be focused on.

Fortunately, AC features like cooling, and Radar incapabilities by default are removed, while it generally removes the aspects of AC class, it does make the creation slightly easier. However, Optional Parts that gave AC's an edge of battle are no longer available.

Armored Core 4's unique demonstration is the Prime Armor, as one will think of as "Body Armor" that if used and tune well, can ignore small damage onto the AC without reducing much of the PA. However, it can erase completely if well placed Cannon shots and Overboosting are done. So in case the enviroment offers hiding, remain hidden until the PA is recharged.

Another feature is when failing a mission constantly and facing owing charges, the player is forced to reload and start from fresh. In AC4, if one fails a mission, there will be no discharges and the player is set back onto mission select without any worries. Simply re-adjust AC patterns and try the mission again.

Missions are pretty much either 1. Destroy this or 2. Protect that. However, not all should be taken lightly, as even one slight mistake can still screw up mission outcomes if not taking the objectives seriously. Completing missions with S ranks and chapters, will award the player Parts, plenty of Cash, and AC points that can be used to further adjust his or her AC (The points are never wasted so if a player decides to make a change, he can do so as he/she wishes)

The biggest aspect of Armored Core, is always the customization, while Schematics (also known as AC blueprints) are available to use as a ready to go AC, the player can still make adjustments and decide to either purchase or sell a part at the same price, incase the purchase was a mistake.

It will take both observing an opponent/missions characteristic to decide if either Light AC with Hangduns or a heavy AC made for absolutely destruction will be needed.

The bad:

The massive Drawbacks are the drastically low number of not only missions, but Arena battles and AC parts available. While parts are generally unlocked as missions on S rank and chapters are done, its quite a massive chore to do so. With quick completion and low ammo used, it will take a few tries to even complete the mission under B first.

Graphic-wise, most architecture are either run down facilities or ruined Cities that are pretty much empty and could have used more detail to focus on. One of the sights was electrical lighting, otherwise, it will take an HD view to further witness its perfection.

Armored Core has never had successful in a musical score, while its both too quiet and very boring at times, the player might as well change the music via. x guide to do so.

Multiplayer was one of the reasons why AC4 was made, but at what cost was it worth it? The game was lacking modes and terms of play, as the beginner player will more than likely run into a careless heathen with overpowering missles and cannons to make MOST battles not even last 2 minutes.

Fortunately, the Regulation options will be updated from time to hopefully fix the problems int he future.


While its not so different than it's PS3 counterpart, it does however, benefit very reasonable achievement poitns that half can be achieved in one game night.

Armored Core has indeed came a long way, and now under the license of Sega, it did pretty good to manage a very well enough purchase at early 2007. While it does pleases only to Hardcore fans, the game can still be quite hidden enough to offer bonus features ahead, time will only tell...

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