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Armada is a space shoot 'em up with some adventure and RPG elements mixed in. Your goal is to protect your civilization from the Armada, a Borg-like entity out to destroy your race. The game plays like a cross between Asteroids, Subspace, and Diablo, as you venture out from your homeworld and earn experience points and ship upgrades. A very unique experience, Armada is a true genre-bender.

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In House: Star Trek: Armada Review

Neoseeker has posted Drew's review of Star Trek: Armada. Check out a quote: [quote]If you are a Star Trek fan and can get past the numerous errors in the game – some so big that they prevented thousands of people from even being able to play – then you should like Star Trek: Armada. For the most part, I found it enjoyable, yet at the same time, a tad short. The game consists of only 4 levels per race, with four races total, adding up to a grand total of 16 levels. An experienced RTS player will be able to make short work of this game in a day or two. In addition, there was nothing in this game that really sets it apart from all of the other RTS’s out there. The Star Trek theme was nice, and it undoubtedly added to my enjoyment of the game, for I was able to indulge my fantasies about controlling Defiant and Sovereign class starships. In conclusion, Star Trek: Armada does a satisfactory job, but on the whole, it’s just your average RTS.[/quote] Check out this seven pager here.

May 15, 2000, by Austin Bailey | 0 comments

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If you like to play online multi player with Star Trek Armada, checkout...

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Another great game added to the list, being on the borg side makes the game even...

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This is an entertaining and fun game especially when played in large groups. It...

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I don't know why I like this game, I hate Star Trek. But when I tried this game at my...

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