Area 51 (PS2) Cheats

Area 51 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Area 51 cheat codes.


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2th boss
on the 2th boss stay in moister mode to kill hem
Blast The Turrets
Once Cole beats all the guys in the big room with the turrets, all you have to do is run straight at the turrets until you hit the gate. Then just aim up and shoot the turrets until the blow up. The turrets can't shoot back because they can't rotate far enough to aim at you.
Defeating the theta
Using Menson weapons and mutant powers will do more damage than ordinary weapons.
Die White!
At the check point Enter the Leaper(where all the leapers are sent to kill you in"Internal Changes")you can kill White at the top of the lift.1:Take lift up.2on`t move3:Take out pistol.4:Aim.5:Bang!ByeBye White!
Grey shields
To reduce grey shields faster, use parasites and melee enemies to get back mutagen.
Well you may or may not know but you can kill mutants with just one shot!Your Pistol,Sniper Rifle,and Shotgun come`n`handy for this.So remember kids,the head is special!
How to unlock hard mode
Complete the campaign on normal and you should get hard mode
Monster Vision in game Scenes
Before an in game scene once you have mutated, go into mutant form and activate the Scene to see it in Mutant vision.
Practice Makes Perfect!
If you wanna be good at something,headshots for example just practice.Once I discovered headshots are a 1-hit kills(not on bosses).I had a hard time,but now I can practically do it with my eyes closed.So Practice Makes Perfect!
Save Ammo!
Save your Ammo!It`s valuble,don`t waste it!If an enemy come`s close hit`em(I mean wack)conserve ammo!
There are a few bad reasons:1:If you want to survive you have to be a mutant.2:After you run outta mutegen you just have a gun or 2 to wack with.3:It makes the game harder.So heed my words!Save Ammo!
Secret Tapes
Scan all the data bank items in one level to unlock a tape on that level.
When you get the shotgun, press R2 to fire twice as many shots at the one time.
Smashing!+He Teleports!
When you friend(I think his name is Jack)gets his head torn off,after you kill the mutant look at his head.You can hit it when you do it will disappear,so it will look like you smashed it.+Before you kill the MP(right before you get your first SMP)just follow close behing,so close your like breathing down his neck.You`ll see him teleport instead of crouching and jumping.
The Crane Controls.
I`m new to this game but anyway,at the part where you activate the crane controls(Not long after your
1st Spider encounterafter you defend "Crispy"when the timer get the point)Someone will say quick activate the crane controls or...something else like that do it quick.Before more Alien/Mutant/Monster things come.
Unlock "Gray" (Alien) Multiplayer Avatars
Complete the Campaign on Hard Difficulty.
Unlock Hard Difficulty
Complete the Campaign on Normal Difficulty.
Upgrading The Alien Grenade
In the stage Life or Death, there is a small key on a dead soldier in one of the lifts where Cole starts the stage. Grab it to open the small lockers in the stage. One of the small lockers in the first power conduit pit has a databank item that upgrades the alien grenade (it now homes in on enemies).
Your Allies Don`t Matter,But You Do!
I read this off a FAQ/guide/walkthrough (you get the point) your allies are invincible... Crispy, Anthony, and Jack anyway along with HAZMAT team Delta so if you want a garanteed survival hide behind your friends and act like a coward! NOTE: Side effects can be Drowsiness, Diarea, MISSING ALOT OF ACTION and if online teammembers may hate you for it! Believe me it helped me get passed a hard level. Happy Hiding!

Easter eggs

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Interesting Scans
When you get your scanner, scan your self and your allies to get some funny responses.