Arcana Heart 3 User Reviews


An... Erm... Fighting Game Experience?

The good:

- A variety of different characters (no clones here!)
- Interesting new ideas that set the game apart from others
- Both widescreen mode and an original aspect ratio are there
- A solid fighting game experience
- Beginner friendly
- Tons of different combinations of character and arcana (explained later)
- Cheap!
- Polished online modes and leaderboards help you play and keep track of your friends
- Cutesy anime girls!

The bad:

- The sprites are fairly outdated
- Matchmaking for online isn't the best
- Solo play is pales in comparison to online play
- A lack of tutorials
- Lackluster story mode
- Characters voices are still in Japanese
- Cutesy anime girls...?


This all girl fighter's style may draw you away from it, but I'm here to tell you to look past your first impressions and buy this game. It's a solid fighting game experience and I'm here to tell you why.

If you find this picture disturbing, you might even be more disturbed to find that this is actual gameplay. If you are not disturbed, congratulations!

EXAMU, the game's creator, has certainly added a new twist to the fighting game genre. The series dates back to 2008, in which the first game was localized (much to the delight of many overseas fans.) A sequel was released only in Japan, reduc...

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